Word problems

The roots of are and . Find an equation whose roots are and
Find three consecutive odd numbers with a sum of 63
A ball is dropped from a 100 feet building. How far will it have traveled when it hits the ground for the 10th time? The ball loses 25% of its height after each bounce.
Bonny is five years younger than Roger and four times as old as Dana. If Dana is years old, how old is Roger in terms of ?
If is an integer that satisfies the inequality , what is the sum of the largest possible value of and the smallest possible value of ?
bananas and grapes cost . bananas and grapes cost . What is the cost of bananas and grapes?
A certain sample of bacteria triples in number every hour. If there were bacteria in the sample at the start of the experiment, how many bacteria were there after hours?
When four times the difference of a number and fifteen is divided by three, the result is twelve. What is the value of ?
A basketball team won more games than it lost. If the team played a total of games and there were no ties, how many games did the team lose?
If the remainder is when a positive integer is divided by 7, then what is the remainder when is divided by ?